One of the many challenges faced by Custom Thermoforming Manufacturers is developing an attractive, yet effective packaging solution for the Cosmetic Industry.

We, here at FormTex, understand the significant influence ‘shelf appeal’ may have. Adaptable to the ever-changing marketplace, we offer solutions to satisfy retailers and consumers alike. Custom designed Cosmetic Packaging allows numerous options for protecting and displaying your products.

  • Assorted Raw Material Types, Colors, and Thicknesses Available
  • Blister Packs, Handling Trays, Point-of Purchase Displays, Tri-Fold Clamshells
  • Club Packs, Multi-Packs, Gift Set Trays
  • RF Sealing and Fulfillment Services Available
Formtex Plastic

As one of the most cost-effective and innovative ways to package, Custom Thermoformed Cosmetic Packaging is brand enhancing and promotes consumer awareness. We challenge ourselves to evolve our thermoforming techniques to provide unique and diverse packaging solutions.

  • Competitive Prototype, Tooling, and Manufacturing Costs
  • Tooling Flexibility and Customization
  • Vacuum and Pressure Forming
  • Creative Design and Development Team
  • Exacting End-Products

Focusing on growth and individuality of an idea, we can respond effectively in matters of both design and production. Easy to use, attention-grabbing Custom Thermoformed Cosmetic Packaging are manufactured with best efforts to minimize resources.

  • Utilizing Renewable and Recycled Materials
  • Optimize Manufacturing and Packaging Materials
  • Conserve Energy

Providing a competitive edge is exceeding our own expectations within the Custom Thermoformed Cosmetic Packaging Industry. High standards and surpassing customer expectations allow us to continually improve our processes and expand our product lines.