Considering aesthetics and handling capabilities are not enough when developing Custom Electronic Packaging; special attention should also focus on raw material selection, contamination control, and product protection (packaging design).

Committed to customer satisfaction and outstanding quality, our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Processes allow us to control and document all facets of our organization. Here are a few documents and processes which are maintained and in place:

  • Supplier Evaluations Forms
  • Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Analysis, and Material Safety and Data Sheets
  • Statistical Control Process
  • Preventative and Corrective Action Process
Formtex Plastic

As a material handling solution, thin-gauge Custom Electronic Packaging help minimize shipping costs while protecting and securing electronic components. We will transform your vision into the ideal packaging solution, from design to end delivery.

  • Design, Planning, and Consultation
  • Expedited Tooling and Prototyping Available
  • Product ID Imprinting Available (Part Number ID)
  • White Room Manufacturing Available

Balancing material reduction, protection, and cost – FormTex provides a range of solutions for your Custom Electronic Packaging needs.

  • Minimize Shipping and Inventory Costs
  • Simplify Assembly, Shipping, and Handling
  • Creative Alternative to Foam/Boxes/Bags

Vital to protecting expensive electronic components, Custom Electronic Packaging serves as an innovative method for handling and maintaining product integrity. We are eager to find solutions within the Custom Electronic Packaging Industry to help us remain resilient and creative.