As an alternative to traditional paper/box/foam packaging, Custom Industrial Packaging offers protection, time savings, and cost effectiveness. When developing Custom Industrial Packaging, durability, efficiency, and simplified processes are examined.

With great regard to quality and service, our products conform to customer specified standards. Custom Industrial Packaging safeguards products throughout the distribution chain.

  • Single-Use or Reusable Handling Solution
  • Nesting Ability (Conserve Space)
  • Multi-Functional (Shipping Tray, Storage Tray, and End-User Display)
Formtex Plastic

To ensure functionality of your Custom Industrial Package, Raw Material selection is essential. FormTex Plastics Corporation has access to a varied range of suppliers as well as material types, a few of our standard selection include:

  • PETE – Excellent gas and moisture barrier properties.
  • PETG – Stands up to radiation and sterilization without changing color.
  • EDS – Protection against shock and vibration.
  • Conductive and Anti-Static Styrene – Suggested for active and passive electrical/static devices.
  • PET/RPET, HIPS, and PVC (also available for Customer Industrial Packaging manufacture).

**All Raw Forming Materials are lot-traceable and certified compliant from our vendors**

Operating as a fully documented and traceable ISO 9001:2015 compliant manufacturing company, we also offer fulfillment services.

  • End-to-end Supply Chain Management
  • Secure Warehousing and Inventory Control
  • Fully Racked and Bar-Coded
  • Product Inspection, Display Assembly
  • Available in Houston, Dallas, El Paso, and Mexico

Providing exceptional quality, durability, and function, we design Custom Industrial Packaging to be sustainable, simplify processes, and control costs. Employing renewable and recycled goods, FormTex designs products which optimize materials and energy.