In the highly competitive and diverse Retail Industry, packaging can make-or-break the success of your product. Custom Thermoformed Retail Packaging requires a unique and creative approach to showcase your product, esthetics are key.

FormTex strives to develop an innovative and modern packaging solution benefitting your product and its impact in the industry. Our goal is to produce the best possible Thermoformed Custom Retail Package.

  • 3D Modeling (SolidWorks)
  • Auto CAD
  • Inventor
  • 3-Axis CNC Milling
  • Expedited Prototyping Available
Formtex Plastic

Quality, customer satisfaction, and end-user satisfaction are at the forefront during all stages of production. Sophisticated and customizable thermoforming equipment allow us to handle the most intricate Thermoformed Custom Retail Packaging orders.

  • Zed Thermoformers
  • Lyle Thermoformer
  • PP 30 Lyle Trim Press
  • SencorpThermoformer
  • Steel Rule, Forged, and Match Metal Trim Dies
  • RF Sealing, Gluing, and Solvent Bonding
  • Mold sizes ranging from:

  • → 21″ W X 25″ L
    → 30″ W X 40″ L

Through best efforts, we offer cost saving options within all aspects of manufacture. We work and research consumer markets to stay competitive – without compromising the project at hand.

  • Alternative Prototyping Methods
  • Automation Support
  • Handling Process Solutions – From Manufacturing to End User
  • Fulfillment Services

With over 32 years in the Custom Thermoforming Industry we are devoted to exceeding customer expectations in the Custom Thermoformed Retail Packaging Industry.